Fit 4 Kids™ was founded in 2003. We started with just one program in only a few locations. Since then Fit 4 Kids™ has expanded to many locations all over IL.
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Times have sure changed and so have kids. The days of driving down your street and seeing neighborhood kids playing sports, riding bikes or just running around are gone.

Today you would have to look inside windows of homes and behind the glowing tv screens is where you will find children of the “new generation”.

Steve Kogen is the creator and founder of Fit 4 Kids™. He has many years experience working with children. Steve’s journey into fitness began at the age of 18 when he decided it was time to start a new hobby and attempt to add some muscle.

Soon it became a passion, one that lead him into the field of personal training. This was all great but something was missing; working with kids. It was at this time when Steve came up with the concept of combining two passions into one, the birth of Fit 4 Kids™!

“I thought to myself there is such a need for kids fitness and nothing available to them. If I could make a program that would give kids the activity they need and have tons of fun doing so, it would be a huge success.”