Games tonight are cancelled due to the rain. Please spread the word thanks

It’s looking like we might have to cancel the games tonight due to rain. I’m gonna give it another hour and then decide. I will post again around 4:15.

We will try to get in the games tonight even with a little rain. But the lights cannot get wet so the last game between the Ravens and Broncos may get called early due to darkness. If it does hard we may cancel all of the games.

Mondays Kipling and South Park schools in Deerfield (Thunderbolts/NFL flag football) Tuesdays BJE Deerfield (Fit 4 Kids 11-11:45) Glenview Park District (Fit 4 Kids 1-2) Walden school (Thundebolts/NFL flag) Wednesdays BJE Wilmette (Fit 4 Kids 1-1:45) Walden School (Thunderbolts/NFL flag) Thursdays Walden school (Floor Hockey) Wilmot school (Thunderbolts/NFL flag) Fridays Glenview Park District (Fit 4 Kids 9:30-10:30) Walden school (Fit more...

Looks like the rain has passed, games are on.

It’s looking like rain again tonight. I will make the final call around 4:15 and will post it on the homepage. If you have any questions you can call or text me 847 494-7588,please note I will be inside Walden with limited reception.

Please follow the original schedule for tonight and the rest of the season. Last weeks games were rained out and we won’t be able to make them up.

We have lightening so I have to cancel the games.

We will give it a shot tonight. Right now it’s not raining, but if it pours or the lightening detector goes off we will cancel, no indoor option.

It’s looking like we are getting heavy rain tonight. If it turns out that Tom Skilling is correct then our games this evening will be cancelled.