I’m currently sitting in front of Walden and it’s raining with thunder and lightening in the area. I think there’s gonna be a break around 4:00 but we’d probably only get in part of the first game so it’s better to just cancel. Rain I can deal with but lightening is a deal breaker.

The fields are pretty bad, there’s a few decent size puddles and overall it’s very wet. With the chance it may rain again it’s better to just cancel today and try again next week.

We will be on the back fields tonight at Walden. It’s the least muddy of all the fields.

No flag football tonight.

Games cancelled today 11/18

We just canceled the first game, it started pouring for a bit and the kids can’t catch the ball. I think it’s gonna continue to rain so we’ll cancel the other two games as well. Sorry

Its looking like its going to rain tonight right as we start our first game. We are gonna try to get in as much as we can; if the rain stays light we will still play through it. If it starts pouring we will cancel the games and make them up at a later time. If there is any lightening ...read more...

Games tonight are cancelled due to the rain. Please spread the word thanks

It’s looking like we might have to cancel the games tonight due to rain. I’m gonna give it another hour and then decide. I will post again around 4:15.

We will try to get in the games tonight even with a little rain. But the lights cannot get wet so the last game between the Ravens and Broncos may get called early due to darkness. If it does hard we may cancel all of the games.