Please follow the original schedule for tonight and the rest of the season. Last weeks games were rained out and we won’t be able to make them up.

We have lightening so I have to cancel the games.

We will give it a shot tonight. Right now it’s not raining, but if it pours or the lightening detector goes off we will cancel, no indoor option.

It’s looking like we are getting heavy rain tonight. If it turns out that Tom Skilling is correct then our games this evening will be cancelled.

Games are still on tonight. Outdoors at walden.

Games at walden tonight will most likely be outdoors. There is a section in back of the school that is pretty dry. Dress appropriately please. You can still enter through the school/gym and head out the back doors.

Friday Decemeber 5th at Walden school(in the main gym) THE KIDS HAVE TO WEAR THEIR TFL SHIRT! 4:45-5:25 Seahawks vs Broncos SUPERBOWL 5:30-6:10 Wolvernines vs Badgers winner advances 6:15-6:55 Spartans vs TBD BIG 10 CHAMPIONSHIP

We are still playing outdoors at Walden. A little cold won’t stop us, and it looks like it should be dry. Make sure to dress your child appropriately, gloves and hats are required.

Just a reminder that TFL games start tomorrow night. All games are at walden school on the front field. Field 1 will be in the center and field 2 will be just to the right. Please note that we make every attempt to make sure every kid gets passes, sometimes it doesn’t always work out that way. There’s a lot more...

Our fall TFL season schedule and teams are posted. I know it’s a bit crammed but hopefully everyone can read it. All games are at Walden school on the front field. Please come on time to the games, it takes us a few minutes to get the kids ready so it helps if everyone is punctual. I look forward to more...