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Fit 4 Kids presents Field House activity center. For 10 years we’ve been taking our program to schools, park districts and child care centers. Now we have 5,000 sq feet of our own space to work with. Our facility is equipped with astro turf flooring, padded walls and wide open space. All programs are created and run by owner Steve Kogen. All programs are for ages 3-6 unless specifically noted. We will offer the best instruction and most fun filled programs; guaranteed!

Fit 4 Kids: This program is the original kid’s fitness class. For 10 years now we have been running Fit 4 Kids in communities all over IL. We cram a ton of different activities in our hour long class. Games such as noodle tag, jump the river, feed Mr. Garbage Can, life size Angry Birds in addition we dabble in all the major sports. There is a lot of running and calories burned during the hour. We cool down at the end of class with yoga; bringing everyone back down to a calm state of mind.

Terrific 2’s: Don’t we all wish we had the energy of a two year old. And they wish they had a chance to get rid of all that excess energy. Now is the chance to combine those two wishes. Terrific 2’s is a parent child class where both the adult and child will partake in a ton of fun activities. Games, sports, yoga and more will sure stimulate both parties. Balance on our balance beam, ride a scooter, shoot a basket and perfect downward dog!

Fall schedule

Terrific 2′s 9:30-10:30 Sep 15- Dec 8 $143
Fit 4 Kids(ages 3-5) 10:30-11:30 Sep 15- Dec 8 $143
Fit 4 Kids (kindergarteners only) 1-2:30 Sep 15-Dec 8 $165
No class 10/13 and 11/24


Fit 4 Kids(kindergarteners only) 9:00-10:30 Sep 16-Dec 9 $143
No class 11/11 or 11/25


Terrific 2′s 9:30-10:30 Sep 17-Dec 11 $156
No class 11/27

Call to register 847-494-7588