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Fit 4 Kids presents Field House activity center. For 10 years we’ve been taking our program to schools, park districts and child care centers. Now we have 5,000 sq feet of our own space to work with. Our facility is equipped with astro turf flooring, padded walls and wide open space. All programs are created and run by owner Steve Kogen. All programs are for ages 3-6 unless specifically noted. We will offer the best instruction and most fun filled programs; guaranteed!

Open gym ends April 25

Fit 4 Kids: This program is the original kid’s fitness class. For 10 years now we have been running Fit 4 Kids in communities all over IL. We cram a ton of different activities in our hour long class. Games such as noodle tag, jump the river, feed Mr. Garbage Can, life size Angry Birds in addition we dabble in all the major sports. There is a lot of running and calories burned during the hour. We cool down at the end of class with yoga; bringing everyone back down to a calm state of mind.

Terrific 2’s: Don’t we all wish we had the energy of a two year old. And they wish they had a chance to get rid of all that excess energy. Now is the chance to combine those two wishes. Terrific 2’s is a parent child class where both the adult and child will partake in a ton of fun activities. Games, sports, yoga and more will sure stimulate both parties. Balance on our balance beam, ride a scooter, shoot a basket and perfect downward dog!

Mini MVP’s : Calling all sports fans, this class is for you. Think of this class as ESPN heaven. We will learn skills of all the popular sports like basketball, football, kickball, floor hockey, tennis and more.

Mini Golf: We have the perfect surface for indoor golf; TURF! Learn golf skills, like putting, chipping, and driving. Put those skills to use on our own
mini course.

Superbowl Shufflers: Are you the next Jay Cutler, Or even better, the next Joe Montana? We will learn how to throw, catch, kick, play defense and more. Moms and dads stick around an watch us play a flag football scrimmage!

Mini Dunkers: 3 seconds left in the game, down by one. Ethan takes the inbounds pass, dribbles left, fakes right, goes up and throws it down with authority! Every kid has a dream of making the winning basket as the buzzer sounds. Join us for some dribbling, shooting, passing and tons of basketball fun!

GO: stands for girls only. Turn on our favorite One Direction song and have a blast playing sports, games, creative movement, yoga and more.

Kinder Gym(2hour): This class is for kindergarteners only. They say the best time of year is summer. And there is nothing better than getting to go to summer camp. The only bad part is that it ends and its time for school. Well we have taken the fun from camp and are bringing it to you all year round. Organized sports, team building games, relay races, cool theme days and arts and crafts. With school only being a half a day, surely there is a need to keep these kids going and learning new skills at the same time. We won’t be hitting the books but they will be learning great life skills such
as patience, teamwork, social skills, manners and confidence.

Pre Gym (2 hour): Similar to our Kinder Gym program, but geared towards 3 and 4 year olds. We believe in the importance of learning through experience. Giving kids a variety of activities will stimulate their minds and help them grow and mature. By creating a warm and inviting environment preschoolers will have a blast trying out new games and activities while making new friends. Not only do we offer physical activities but we also we partake in arts and crafts.

Spring Schedule

Monday Terrific 2′s 9:30-10:30 March 31-June2 $150
Fit 4 Kids(ages 3-4) 10:30-11:30 March 31-June 2 $150

Friday Mini MVPs 9-10 April 11- June 6 $135
Fit 4 Kids(ages 3/4) 1-2 April 11- June 6 $135