This Saturday at Walden school outdoors March 22 3:15-4 Bears/Packers vs Redskins The winner will play again at 4:15 against the 49ers. AFC playoffs will be announced later in the week.

click to enlarge Field House spring schedule. Call to sign up 847-494-7588.

It’s hard to believe we’ve been in business for 10 years already! We updated the website and gave it a fresh look. There are so many new and exciting things we are gonna be doing in the next few months. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of making Fit 4 Kids a success!

Thunderbolts Flag Football Hut.  Hut.  Hike! Join us for a fun flag football program where kids get to learn about football without the fear of getting hurt. We run class as our practice and then our games are on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings. Look for Thunderbolts at your school and sign up!

Fit 4 Kids Cares! We are excited to announce a new program we are calling Fit 4 Kids Cares. We will be going into low income areas and running programs that will help kids who have no chance of being able to afford extracurricular activities.Our goal is to give all kids the opportunity to get physical activity in a fun more...